Yes is who we are at iCentris.

Fifteen years ago, a small group of friends realized there was a huge technological hole in the direct selling industry. That realization sparked an idea to develop a software solution that would empower direct selling companies and distributors to take their business to the next level. They formed iCentris.

The Internet was still young, but many companies were starting to become aware of the tremendous potential to expand their business online. At iCentris, we knew if direct selling distributors built an online presence with personal websites, they would exponentially expand the reach of their message. So we started building a software solution with the mission of helping individuals and companies grasp their full potential using tools that increase productivity and have measurable results.

The first product out of the gate was eSuite, a software solution that provided replicating personal websites for MLM and party plan companies. The beauty in a system like this was that the corporation could provide compliant marketing information with little effort on the individual distributor’s part. It gave distributors a professionally-branded website and added credibility to the products and opportunities they were sharing.

As time went on, it became apparent that it was necessary to provide tools for real-time online conversations. Replicated personal websites were still essential, but direct sales companies also needed a tool that would connect corporate with distributors and distributors with each other. The solution was Unity. Unity provided a virtual office with productivity tools, replicated websites and a private online community. Now, instead of just looking at information, individual distributors could interact with multimedia content and with each other.

There’s never a moment to rest in the tech industry and at iCentris we continually innovate. We analyze usage and dedicate resources to finding the solutions that have the biggest impact on field development. We stay ahead of the curve so you are too. Our newest evolution is called VIBE. It’s interactive, it’s personalized, it’s automated. It’s the front-runner in virtual offices.

When you partner with iCentris, you’re not investing in software that will be irrelevant in a few years; you’re investing in a strategic partner in growth-based technology. Our products are made to fit your market—even as the market changes.

  • “Why do I love iCentris? Let me count the ways: friends, laughter, dedication, management, play, and teamwork.”

    — Randy H.
  • “I enjoy coming to work because it’s a great place. I work with great people and every day I’m challenged and have a chance to learn something new.”

    — Kevin M.
  • "iCentris is more than just a workplace, it is a family. "

    — Ryan R.

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